How to Play the TFI Karuta Card Game

Traditional Japanese Card Game

Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game which is being used by Thanet Fairtrade Initiative (TFI) to increase the awareness of Fairtrade in the local area, with help provided by the From Japan Institute (FJI) who are enriching communities world-wide through Japanese culture sharing.

Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game. Our version uses a set of 26 clue cards and 26 matching picture cards and our Thanet Fairtrade version is played in the following way.

This is a single player game that will start by showing or reading out a clue card from the chosen deck.

The clue card is written in a special way using Japanese iambic poetry, for example;

Karuta Clue Card

The object of the game is to find and select the matching picture card.

The picture cards are shown below the clue card, only one picture card can be seen, for example;

Karuta Clue Card

You can reveal other picture cards during game play by clicking on the left and right arrow buttons.

Karuta Clue Card

When you are sure that the picture card matches the clue card, click on the Karuta button. Karuta

Some things you ought to know . . .

1. You have a limited amount of time to find the picture card, a timer will be counting down.

2. You have 3 Fairtrade bananas KarutaKarutaKaruta If the timer reaches zero, you lose a banana !

3. Lose all 3 bananas and the game is over !!!

4. Otherwise the game will continue until you have played all 26 clue cards.

Enjoy playing our game of Karuta, learn about Fairtrade and have fun !